Building a Life of Value

Quotations and Proverbs About “the Values of the Wise”

More than just a book of quotations, Building a Life of Value is a fusion of great thinking – from classical to contemporary, from philosophical to poetic. Highlighted with thought-provoking essays by Jason Merchey, these words of wisdom will help you to “build a life of value” and thus become the architect of your life.



If you’re looking to stimulate your thinking, energize your spirit and create your own blueprint for living a life of value, add this book to your shopping cart. It has been very well received by readers as well as philosophers, businesspersons, professors, thought leaders, and cultural creative types (click here for endorsements). It makes an incredible gift or coffee table book, but you are welcome to return it if you don’t find if valuable.

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“Building a Life of Value is a terrific and extremely useful book that brings together some of the most important thinking we have on values and ethics. It can be helpful because this book is about wisdom – and it is wisdom that guides us both as individuals and as a people as we move through the difficult times ahead toward a more just and humane society.” – Gar Alperovitz, Ph.D., Professor of Political Economy, University of Maryland; author of America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty and Our Democracy; former Fellow of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University