Living a Life of Value


Essays on Values

What Are Your Values?

  • Do you value Education?
  • Do you think of yourself as Creative?
  • Is Integrity important to you?
  • Is Humor one of your greatest qualities?
  • What do Passion, Justice, and Kindness mean in the real world?
  • Have you thought about what you value, and why?


What Role Do Values Play in Your Life?

Values contribute directly to the quality of one’s life – ends such as success, health, happiness, and legacy. When you pursue your own values passionately, your life has value – to you, as well as to the people and world around you. Living a life of value is about finding fulfillment doing what makes you feel good while doing good.

What is the Value of this Book?

A fusion of classical ideas and progressive goals, this anthology features 75 remarkable writings that shine light on what it means to live a life of value. The fascinating contributors to this book herald positive and solid values: the values of the wise. Following each story, you will find a selection of diverse and relevant quotations that encourage thought, reflection, and insight.

Living a Life of Value will provide a deeper and broader basis for what you believe, feel, and value. Its aim is to inspire wisdom – and therefore, to improve the world. It is a unique collection of contemporary writings that brings a fresh perspective to values, morality, and wisdom. It is well-regarded (click here for endorsements) and you are welcome to return it if you don’t find if valuable.

List of Contributors (PDF)
Jason’s Intro to the Book (PDF)

“I have been regularly dipping into [Living a Life of Value] and finding insight, illumination, and inspiration.” – Bill Moyers

Living a Life of Value features essays by:

John Abrams – Gar Alperovitz – Eric Alterman – Judith Barad – Nathaniel Branden – Wendell Berry – Michael Boylan – Arthur Charchian – Janet Clemento – Kevin Danaher – Barbara Ehrenreich – Riane Eisler – Duane Elgin – Albert Ellis – Anita Endrezze – Scott Farrell – Robert Fuller – Gina Gerboth – John Greeley – William Greider – Laurent Grenier – Jeremy Griffith – Ryan Grim – Richard Heinberg – Hazel Henderson – Robert Hertel – Jeffrey Hollender – Catherine Ryan Hyde – Paul Jacobson – Bruce Jennings – Julian Kalmar – Gary Kessler – David Kim – Alfie Kohn – Bernice Lerner – Pat Libby – Copthorne Macdonald – Katherine Martin – Nicholas Maxwell – Jason Merchey – Tammy Metz – Robin Meyers – Tom Morris – Samuel Oliner – Jessie O’Neill – Michael Parenti – Jan Phillips – Mark Potok – Marianne Preger-Simon – Jenni Prisk – Peter Raabe – Nicholas Ribush – Kimberly Ridley – Anita Roddick – Christine Rose – Andreas Rosenberg – Douglas Rushkoff – Peter Russell – Robert Shetterly – Justine and Michael Toms – Hawley Trowbridge – Peter Voss – Zoe Weil – Ruth Westreich – Stanley Westreich – David Wexler – Margaret Wheatley – Heather White – Ona Rita Yufe – Howard Zinn