This new book about wisdom can assist you in making wisdom your greatest strength!

Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Boughtis a carefully researched book by Jason Merchey, author of The Values of the Wise Book Series, may help you grow to love the pursuit of it. In fact, “philosophy” is Greek for “the love of wisdom.” Synthesizing art and science, intellect and emotion, spirituality and Humanism, Merchey provides a compass to help readers navigate toward more personal growth, happiness, and fulfillment in life. A deeply compelling combination of unique and challenging quotations and personal reflections, Merchey’s insights reveal just how life-changing the pursuit of wisdom can be when we learn how to prioritize it.



How does a person develop greater wisdom if it can’t be bought?

Does wisdom lead to happiness, flourishing, and well-being?

Why is America so plagued by tribalism, elitism, materialism, and ME-ism?


Wisdom is not for sale no matter how much money a person has! But it CAN be developed and improved. Improving your understanding of wisdom will certainly lead to living a better life!

This new book will help you live a life that harnesses the power of philosophy, critical thinking, and applied psychology. These things are not as complicated as they may seem and indeed have the potential to increase your wisdom. Greater wisdom leads to improved personal growth, happiness, and success.

New for 2022, Wisdom is a comprehensive, research-based exploration of ancient and intriguing concepts combined with critical thinking, compassion, and other aspects of wisdom. With examples of psychological principles, careful analysis, and insightful quotes from throughout history, this book guides you to an authentic form of intellectual, emotional, and ethical growth.

Jason Merchey’s fourth book on values and virtues combines digestible psychological research findings, compelling personal stories, and useful quotations about wisdom.

Anyone aiming to build a life of value—one that yields purpose and happiness—should consider wisdom to be their blueprint for success.

This uniquely personal approach to self-improvement without the oversimplification that often marks self-help books is garnering critical acclaim and earning illuminating reviews. One reason is that it demonstrates that philosophy is something everyone is capable of utilizing and appreciating.

Wisdom is not a simple subject and developing it takes commitment, so Wisdom doesn’t mislead about what true self-growth and intellectual insight actually entail. Jason knows this well—he has had mental illness most of his life but has also earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology and practiced as a psychotherapist. He acknowledges that life is difficult, but believes wisdom is a friend to those who seek it.

In addition to personal benefits, this book sheds light on some of America’s significant social problems. The great philosopher Socrates himself knew that ancient Athens, Greece was in serious trouble. Taking a cue from Socrates and a thousand other wise individuals, this book demonstrates that there are many achievable ways in which we could all be wiser. If true, our communities and nations would make rapid progress in problem-solving, love, and social justice.

This deep and eclectic book is brimming with ideas and insights that will assist the reader in:

  • Discovering and prioritizing wisdom in their personal life and relationships
  • Achieving greater fulfillment, meaning, and well-being—even in troubled times
  • Creating a blueprint for success—grounded in self-knowledge and ethics
  • Making a positive difference in one’s community—and the world as a whole

One cannot buy wisdom per se, but investing in this affordable book provide a refreshing opportunity for self-improvement and intellectual growth. This book will help you make wisdom your greatest strength!


“Jason Merchey has done it again! His extensive and long-term research into wisdom has positioned him to bring us, appropriately, a very wise book on wisdom. His insights range from the deeply personal into the truly transcendent throughout this wide ranging exploration of the true treasure we need for living well. Highly recommended!”
Tom Morris, Ph.D, author of Philosophy for Dummies, The Oasis Within, If Aristotle Ran General Motors, and Plato’s Lemonade Stand; former professor of philosophy at The University of Notre Dame

“I’ve been really enjoying reading through Wisdom. It is an excellent book to be read in this time of Trump, tribalism, the pandemic, and right-wing extremism—arguably one of the lowest points in American history.”
David Pakman, host of The David Pakman Show, a daily internationally-syndicated politics and news talk show since 2005

“This worthwhile book appears to me to be an extended commentary on an ancient worthwhile quest. Wisdom cannot be bought, but invites us to pursue her until she catches us. As Jason Merchey demonstrates from his own pilgrimage, that pursuit occurs on ‘the road less traveled’. Wisdom leads us from the narrowness of slavery/being caged to the wideness/freedom of The Promised Land. She’s available to all, but not without effort. Whether you are just starting your pilgrimage or an octogenarian like I am, you will find both inspiration and affirmation in Merchey’s findings and observations. It’s like panning for gold in that Jason shares some of the nuggets he’s found and through his sharing invites and encourages others to harvest their own. The investment is worth the pearl of great price, as it were.”
Fr. Alexei Michalenko, Th.M., M.S., Chaplain of the Georgetown University Law Center (retired)

“I value the philosophical wisdom contained in this book.  The author brings together an agreeable mix of historical quotes, modern psychology, and personal reflection.  Although I do not always agree with the book’s political perspective, I enjoyed the philosophical insights collected here.”
Richard K. Borden, Author of Sage Advice: The Lives and Maxims of Some of History’s Wisest People

“With Wisdom, Jason Merchey has written a thought-provoking and engaging book that challenges people to a higher calling, whatever their path may be. Providing many fresh perspectives from neuroscientists and philosophers to cultural icons and psychologists, this book is packed with lots of useful and inspiring ideas for better understanding our world and deciding how we can make a difference in it. The challenges societies faces today are many and mounting. But humanity must transcend and start solving problems together to survive. Get Wisdom now, read it, and let’s start doing better.”
Giacomo Bono, Ph.D., Co-author of Making Grateful Kids: The Science of Building Character and professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills

“In this exceptional study, Jason Merchey gives us a sustained and penetrating look at wisdom. He takes what many would consider to be an interesting (if marginal) element of our lives and shows that the development of wisdom is vital and urgent, especially given current crises of thought, morality and politics. By approaching his topic prismatically—unfolding its characteristics through fifteen saliently organized chapters—Merchey demonstrates the complexity of wisdom while also providing us with a map for attaining it. This is one of the strengths of the book. By analyzing it through these components, he allows us to discern the ways in which we might take concrete steps toward making wisdom effective in our lives.
James L. Taylor, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Peacemaking at The European Center for the Study of War and Peace

“Relative to other topics, approachable contemporary books on wisdom can be rare as the trait itself. This book does an excellent job of filling that gap. The author comes at the subject from many angles including: the challenges posed to us by the lack of wisdom frequently apparent in society, his own life experiences and anecdotes, and an armoury of quotations from wise figures down through the ages. This mix balances the depth required to do a book on wisdom justice with the immediacy that keeps the reader engaged. …This is an approachable and highly readable book on wisdom that successfully takes the reader on a whirlwind tour to a wiser place, pulling in aspects of philosophy, psychology, politics, and everyday life.”
Declan McGrath, co-Host of “The Philosophists” podcast

“Ancient wisdom is making a comeback—Stoicism in particular has recently undergone a revival. Merchey not only reminds us of the timeless wisdom of the past, but he’s also assembled an impressive array of modern sources, applying the accumulated lessons of the ages as well as his own experience to a 21st century in crisis. This is a book for anyone interested in philosophy, intellectual growth, and practical solutions for moving forward in life.”
Vincent Czyz, author of The Christos Mosaic and The Secret Adventures of Order

“Not only is wisdom a virtue that cannot be bought, it’s also a virtue that can’t be acquired quickly in one fell swoop.   Enter Jason Merchey, whose extensive collection of quotations and observations about wisdom gently nudge the reader toward wiser living with each new insight.  Merchey’s broad array of sources—spanning philosophy, psychology, spirituality, wisdom traditions, personal experience, and plain old common sense—offer a provocative deep-dive into the nature, benefits, and cultivation of wisdom.  If there was a cosmic list of required readings to improve our personal lives and the human condition, this book would be on it.”
Mark R. Leary, Ph.D., Garonzik Family Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University; lecturer for the Great Courses teaching course Mysteries of Human Behavior; author of Self-presentation: Impression Management And Interpersonal Behavior

“People have been thinking, speaking, and writing about wisdom since the beginning of time. Philosophers, poets, pastors, and patriots have all contributed ideas about where it comes from, how to get it and how to share it. Jason Merchey has created a vast repository of these voices and put them all in one place, in a treasure chest of wisdom quotes. His latest book, Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue that Cannot Be Bought, is a creative convergence of reflections on one of the most sought after virtues.”
Jan Phillips, author of The Art of Original Thinking: The Making of a Thought Leader

“Jason Merchey has given us a multi-faceted examination of the quality of the mind we call wisdom. Each chapter invites us to explore wisdom from a different perspective. Several chapters focus on the characteristics of people we might agree possess wisdom, such as humility, open-mindedness, and skepticism. In other chapters, Jason considers mental processes that might contribute to wisdom. I have been thinking about the ways that intuitive thinking might lead to errors so I was pleased to see that Jason brings together the perspectives of philosophers and scientists to define intuition and reflect on ways that intuition might facilitate or disrupt wise conclusions. 

Those perspectives are well chosen and stimulating. But what I enjoy most in every chapter is Jason’s perspective. He is able to provide fresh insight and relate our topic to current events and real world applications. The reader gets to enjoy the words of those wise philosophers, scientists, and educators and also gets to know Jason with his interpretative commentary and insights. It is a good read.”
Paul C. Cozby, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Psychology at California State University Fullerton; co-author of Methods in Behavioral Research; former Executive Officer of the Western Psychological Association

“To be perhaps too “on the nose,” Jason Merchey is a vast repository of wisdom! He breathes, eats, and sleeps it—to the degree that I feel like I’m engaging in a graduate level course when opening up his books. His content might not be everyone’s cup of tea at first glance, but it should be.”
Peter Hollins, Author of Mental Models and The Science of Self-Discipline

“Is it a surprise that Jason Merchey enacts through his writing the very same practices, strategies, and insights he has discovered through his research? Working from personal lived experience and real world examples along with empirical studies and sacred teachings, he is pragmatic about how to bring big concepts within reach of individuals, families, communities, and organizations. From policy recommendations to self-help, Jason is reflective, vulnerable, and confident enough to say it like he sees it, as well as humble enough to know that it isn’t easy to push back against ideas and influences that privilege some people over others. This book will resonate strongly with readers who are not satisfied with the world as it is and are ready to take achievable steps to change it.”
Ronnie Swartz, Ph.D., LCSW, Former Chair, Department of Social Work and Director of the Altruistic Behavior Institute at California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt

“Often we have to judge where truth lies, and Jason Merchey has gathered together a diverse and extensive collection of quotes, ideas and personal experiences that could help us in these decisions.”
– Rod O’Connor, Ph.D., Author of Einstein’s Last Message: Saving Our World By Changing How We Think 


“An immense and insightful treatise on the virtues of wisdom, this [book] is a grand undertaking rooted in philosophical inquiry, examining the unparalleled value that wisdom brings to the human experience. …Merchey achieves considerable success in making a strong case that wisdom, much like creativity, self-discipline, courage, intuition, love, and other allied traits, can and should be continuously developed as a psychological strength, or “inner knowing,” and that doing so will lead the practitioner to success, joy, and fulfillment.”
The U.S. Review of Books

Wisdom examines the importance of acquiring more wisdom in order to live a more fulfilling and valuable life. Jason Merchey thinks that most of us are shallow thinkers these days, and as a result, both our own lives and wider society have suffered. …Overall, I enjoyed this book. Whether more people will come to see the need for more open, honest, and critical thinking in search of wisdom remains to be seen. Still, I think this work encourages that and will at least get others thinking about how our world could be different if we all strive for more wisdom.”
Manhattan Book Review

“[In] this hefty yet welcoming, even conversational, volume…Merchey teases apart the ‘nuanced, subtle, context-bound, and perspectival aspects of wisdom,’ and makes the case that the oldest of truisms—that wisdom cannot be bought—is actually true. …This book is a searching, illuminating consideration of the urgent value of wisdom, for individuals and for society.”
BookLife by Publisher’s Weekly Review

“A canny blend of expert quotations, insightful observations, and personal anecdotes, Wisdom is an intensive, yet highly readable, study of the concept of wisdom across history.The most affecting material tends to come from the author’s own advice and analysis, so the work is most successful when Merchey discusses life or offers opinions on the thoughts of others. Overall, Wisdom is an intriguing, perceptive, and well-researched compendium of information that will leave readers thinking differently not just about the concept of wisdom, but intelligence in general.”
The Self-Publishing Review

“We live in a world where it seems that one of the most precious virtues of society, wisdom, is ignored by a large part of the population. However, if you are among those who want to rediscover it, I suggest you read Jason Merchey’s Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought. In this comprehensive and extensively researched book, he delves into topics such as compassion, modesty, and self-awareness (to name a few), and adds his personal experiences and a wide variety of quotes from the most famous and authoritative writers. Wisdom is a fascinating subject that will help you reflect on modern societyand the American one in particular.
Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews (reviewer Astrud Iustulin)

“Wisdom is one of those things that, like exercise or meditation, is universally prized but seldom performed. Author Jason Merchey hopes to change that with Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought, a book that not only extols the virtues of wisdom but argues for its practical necessity at a time when ignorance, selfishness, moral blindness, and other unwise ways of thinking have become existential threats to Americans’ lives and the future of democracy itself. In the words of the late General Omar Bradley, which Merchey quotes in his book: ‘The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants.’ Readers who are willing to approach the book with an open mind and an appetite for enlightenment will find a sizable trove of valuable insights in its pages.”

“Wisdom has the end goal of guiding people to be better humans and build a society where everyone is free and lives comfortably. With eye-opening discussions, readers interested in philosophy and the social sciences will appreciate the perspective the author brings. As he put it, you cannot buy wisdom, but you can invest in yourself to gain wisdom. 5-stars.”
Literary Titan

“Applying wisdom can help avoid problems and dangers, can provide a springboard for problem-solving, and can make us more empathetic humans. But these ideas just scratch the surface of what wisdom truly is and the power that it can unlock. Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought is an elaborate portrait of an incomparable quality that seems to be lacking in today’s world. In it, wisdom is considered in great detail, as is its close relationship to other valuable qualities such as kindness, compassion, reasonableness, and humility. 5 stars.”
Indies Today

“Among the virtues that [the author Jason] Merchey contends should be cultivated in an effort to secure wisdom are insight and intuition, which he subjects to a detailed examination in the third chapter of Wisdom. Drawing on examples from his own life, as well as from the lives and works of some of history’s greatest thinkers, he assesses the two concepts from the theoretical and philosophical perspectives and sets out the benefits and potential pitfalls of each. He also offers some practical means of enhancing both insight and intuition and determining when they should be applied. …Overall, Wisdom contains a treasure trove of material, examples, and words of encouragement that are sure to inspire the pursuit of greater wisdom, which should hopefully benefit both the individual reader and society as a whole.”
—Seattle Book Review

“Those looking to add value to their lives through the goal of attaining wisdom would do well to start here. Wisdom‘s messages, inspections, and connections to science, philosophy, and psychology create a discussion that will appeal to a wide audience—from self-help and new age readers to those interested in modern philosophical and psychological examinations.”
The Midwest Book Review

Wisdom: A Very Valuable Virtue That Cannot Be Bought presents a special blend of Aristotelian ethics, insights from neuroscience, and personal reflection, as the author leads the reader along a winding woodland trail inviting new discovery. With casual tones but deep inquiry, Wisdom proves to be a generous, heart-to-heart chat about our lives as thinkers. …a conversation in earnest about intellectual curiosity and in interpersonal tolerance, offering the reader space to arrive at deeper knowledge.”

“With an analytical dissection of thoughts and ideas from different ages and an intelligent and fluent communication of reflections, Wisdom explores what it actually means to be wise and how knowing this could result in a better world for all. The book is so rife with information that every page has a bookmark-worthy line that could spark hours of reflection and a serious reassessment of values like religion, politics, intelligence, and wealth. Five stars.”
Reader’s Favorite Book Reviews (reviewer Foluso Falaye)

“Jason Merchey, essayist, philosophical thinker, and therapist, probes the history, meaning, and utility of the all-too-human capacity for developing wisdom in an interdisciplinary volume that spans philosophy, psychology, politics, and other fields. In Wisdom, he writes about how individuals recognize, cultivate, and apply it to their lives to make choices that guarantee not only their individual well-being, but also that of others. Beyond individual flourishing, Merchey argues that wisdom also has collective implications for positively changing destructive forces within communities and nations, such as greed, love of money, tribalism, racism, and wealth inequities.”
San Francisco Book Review

“In writing Wisdom, Jason Merchey inspires readers to take time out to evaluate the questions that have troubled philosophers for millennia, and in particular, wisdom. In this, he succeeds admirably! Classic philosophers have arranged themselves into schools of thought, but few have really provided a cohesive overview of the nature of our being. Using a practical approach, Jason draws on his experience of life, both as a former psychotherapist and a student of human behavior to provide guidance. The success of this book lies in the author’s ability to convey complex concepts in simple terms, illustrated with many examples and backed by quotations from the wise. 5-star review.”
Reader’s Favorite Review (reviewer Leonard William Smuts)

“It is clear that Jason Merchey is kind of an ‘old-school progressive’ and was influenced by activists and spiritual leaders of all kinds; he quotes Cornel West, Howard Zinn, Edward R. Murrow, Christopher Hitchens, and Martin Luther King, Jr. for example. This book will also probably appeal more to secular type thinkers and humanistic readers (there is not much in the way of revealed/Biblical influences). The author isn’t like, dogmatic and annoying about his biases—though clearly he feels that ‘the closed-minded opponents of liberalism’ have done a lot of damage to American institutions and political discourse. I feel like he has read hundreds of books from history to philosophy to psychology, but definitely subscribes to The New Republic, The Atlantic, and The Nation.”
Chad Conaty, MBA

“I have found that most books written about the attainment of wisdom are so boring and nuanced that they leave you less wise than when you began. Jason’s book does an incredible job of uncomplicating the complicated. This book stands out because of both its stark clarity and clear insightfulness.
I love how Jason uses quotes throughout the book to allow you to think about certain nuggets that he has talked about throughout each chapter. For example, the quote “Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most” from Abraham Lincoln is one that really resonated with me. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand more about themselves, as well as how wisdom can be used to better oneself. Great read.”
Timothy Hudson

“Jason Merchey’s most recent book is another worthwhile piece of work that I am pleased to add to my personal library. After reading his previous books in 2005, 2006 and 2017, I was very eager to immerse myself in his latest. I was not disappointed. As always, Jason takes a deep dive into the emotional and intellectual complexity of the virtue of wisdom, and supports his ideas with quotes from classical philosophers, modern day psychologists and offers his own, introspective observations.
For the past several years, I have wondered what our country would look like if our weak, immoral and undisciplined leaders could find just a morsel of wisdom. If only it could be bottled and prescribed; two tablespoons every 4 hours, as needed. Unfortunately, as the subtitle reminds us, wisdom is a “valuable virtue that cannot be bought”. Even so, I have hope. I have hope for the disillusioned adults who are finding their way out of ignorance. May this book support them on their journey. I have hope for my own children who just might be inspired to do better, to be better and to pursue wisdom in the process. Jason’s book has the potential to guide them there.”
Joanie Newkirk

“Overall a great read and recommended to anyone looking for a better understanding of self, our friends, and peers and that of society at large.”
Rena Charchian

“Jason Merchey is one of my favorite new authors when it comes to my pursuit and honing of what eludes most people—the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and in this his latest book, wisdom. And I certainly enjoy the common threads of continuity employed by the use of esteemed ancient and contemporary philosophers and psychologists. This is a must-have book for your personal library.”
Larry Burge

“’Our scientific power,” warned Martin Luther King, ‘has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.’ Here is the essence of wisdom: it’s not merely intelligence or knowledge but how those things are put to use. Merchey does a great job in this book of demonstrating the difference. He also makes it clear that there’s an emotional component to wisdom—empathy isn’t merely for bleeding heart liberals—and the wise strike a balance between their emotions/passion and their capacity for reasoning/logic. Merchey’s book is an excellent survey of wisdom through the ages illuminated and exemplified by personal commentary and anecdotes—my favorite is Merchey’s ‘night of lightning,’ a worthy echo of Pascal’s ‘night of fire.’ If you’re interested in the evolution of wisdom through the ages or in finding your way guiding principles in a century in crisis, this is just the sort of book you’re looking for.”
Victor Creskill

“Merchey is refreshing in his honesty about his personal life and struggles. He candidly recounts his own unwise decisions and their consequences while stressing that true wisdom lies neither in the depths of passion nor the pinnacle of reason, but in a delicate balance of the two. With an extensive quote section at the end of each chapter, he employs the voices of others to support his thesis and connect the wisdom of the ages from cultures the world over to the reality of the United States in the 21st century. The book drives home the point that as of now, our society is composed mostly of polarized individuals making unwise decisions that have lead to our current state of existential uncertainty.”
Richard Figueroa

“I consider myself a lifelong learner and this book definitely supports my pursuit of that venture. Jason Merchey has carefully thought out the approach to this book and the content shared in its pages.
I love the use and breadth of quotations throughout the book. Merchey uses psychology, philosophy, and personal growth to touch on a variety of topics in great detail to challenge and encourage the reader’s pursuit of wisdom. I appreciate the depth of research that must have gone into writing this book and cannot recommend it enough—if you’re a student of personal growth, this book is a must-read.”
Dortha Hise

“As a former librarian with a bachelor’s degree in psychology (and who took philosophy classes for fun!), I found Jason Merchey’s new book to be quite fascinating! However, you don’t need a degree in psychology or be a philosopher to receive the wealth this book has to offer. I would describe it as being at the crossroads between philosophy, psychology, and social commentary. It also possesses a twinge of self-help. The book tends to be more socially-politically liberal, which aligns with my belief system.”
Lindy Guista

“Thirty years have passed since my introduction to philosophy in college, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book. The author is knowledgeable and passionate about the pursuit of wisdom. More importantly, he makes each topic more accessible by sharing personal stories. He’s not afraid to expose his own biases and areas where he struggles. At times I felt as if I were reading his diary and following him along on a journey, which I enjoyed, even though I did not always agree with his opinions. This book inspires me to ask more questions of myself and others and would be great for anyone who strives to be a life-long learner.”
Jennifer Schenck

“Jason Merchey is one of my favorite authors for books to help guide self thought and self enhancement. Wisdom is a thought provoking read from cover to cover. It helps you explore and reflect upon your own wisdom and actions to create a better self. The included quotes help you understand wisdom not only from the authors point of view but from many important people throughout history. I had a hard time putting this one down!”
David Danby

“My approach in reading this book was not from page one to the end. I would choose a chapter based on my particular interest for that day and use more like a reference book. In doing that, I found the book to be a source of comfort and humor with the quotes. Jason pulls you in with his personal experiences matched with the appropriate quotes that rounds out this engaging book. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking a very thought-provoking read.”
Geri Derman

“This line says it all: ‘You can’t buy wisdom. You can’t borrow it. You can’t even steal it. Immensely valuable and desired, yet difficult to acquire, the journey to wisdom has few shortcuts.’ Sharp, intelligent and thoughtful book that must have taken SO long to write due to its in depth nature and attention to detail by the author. Mix of psychology and philosophy in our modern world.”
Marc Cohen

“Jason Merchey gives the concept of wisdom a very deep, historical, and thorough examination despite the nebulous and elusive nature of the subject. While wisdom can’t be bought, this book gives me numerous ideas of how wisdom might be taught, at least to the next generations.”
Dimitri Chernyshov

“This book strikes me as a little more legitimate that your typical feel-good, motivational, self-help book. It is clear that the author studied a lot of philosophy and psychology in order to produce this book. He gets pretty deep sometimes and uses vocabulary that is definitely not at the 8th grade level! I found the book to be a little long, but it is very inspirational nonetheless.”
Vanessa Klein

“Jason Merchey is an incredibly compelling and gifted writer. His self-awareness and curiosity about the world will delight its readers. Definitely check his book Wisdom out!”
Sara Sharnoff Tick

Wisdom by Merchey, proved invaluable in helping me navigate the big questions. Its insightful and well written, well organized, expressions of human wisdom through the years, helps shine a light on the inherent value in life itself, and works as a baseline for building a foundation for a rewarding existence. I wish I had access to this book twenty years earlier. It is perfect for those who seek to make reason and value and deep thought, a central guide for the rest of their lives. Perfect for those who want to hone their decision making capabilities, and wise enough to seek greater wisdom.”
Margaret Giller

“If you are a student of philosophy, I would recommend this chance to revisit the greatest thinkers throughout time with new eyes. If you are new to this philosophical journey, Jason is an excellent guide to painlessly introduce you to some complex and timeless ideas. I would also recommend you buy a highlighter, or two, to easily find those gems of wisdom you are sure to return to for reference. A perfect gift for both the thoughtful (or thoughtless) loved one in your life.”
Robert Winter

Wisdom has been a treat to read. It’s inspiring, hopeful, and masterfully written. We all need a little wisdom in our lives, but it’s difficult to capture what that is, where it can be found, and how it can be attained. This book does a wonderful job decoding that universal yet nebulous term which means so much to so many people. Wisdom will leave you with a grander perspective of the world and a greater appreciation for the good in humanity. If more people in the world lived with just a little more wisdom, we would all be significantly better off. Highly recommend.”
– Di “Mike” Wang