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Animal Rights and Animal Cruelty


Gene Bauston, offerer of wisdom, and Founder of Farm Sancutary, an organization that not only saves animals from cruel fates but educates and advocates for the humane treatment of animals, was interviewed. He was joined by long-time animal rights writer and activist Judy Barad, PhD, a philosopher at Indiana State University to discuss values and ethics. Tune in to hear the guests and Jason explore the issues with questions such as: “How are animals treated in this country and the rest of the world?” “What are some steps each of us can take right away to harm fewer animals?” and “Can one eat an animal and feel moral?”

Applying Philosophy to Your Life


Jason is happy about having the chance to speak with two extraordinary ethicists. Philosopher Arthur Dobrin, Professor at Hofstra University, is active in Amnesty International and was a leader at the Ethical Humanist society of Long Island. He also is the author of wonderful books such as Love Your Neighbor: Stories of Values and Virtues, Ethics for Everyone: How to Increase Your Moral Intelligence and Teaching Right from Wrong: 40 Things You Can Do to Raise a Moral Child. The second guest is no slouch, either; Tom Morris, Ph.D., one of America’s foremost “public philosophers,” the author of many books, a man gracing us with his wisdom, and former professor of philosophy and religion at Notre Dame, joins Jason and Arthur. The nature of the topic is, in a nutshell: what can philosophy do for you? It’s a dynamic duo that you will definitely want to tune in for.

Author and Thought Leader Jason Merchey Interviewed


The host of Values and Ethics: from Living Room to Boardroom, Jason Merchey was interviewed by longtime friend and colleague James Donahue on today’s show. The topics ranged far and wide, Tune in to hear what thought leader, philosophical thinker, and lover of wisdom Jason has to say. Unscripted, interesting, dynamic.

Author Interview: Voices of a People’s History

Howard Zinn

The late, great Howard Zinn interviewed! Professor Emeritus of History at Boston University, Howard Zinn, the author of over a dozen books on America’s past and present, the recipient of many prestigious awards for truth-telling and his wisdom, and legendary activist discussed issues of great importance to those who are pursuing an ethical, just, and peaceful life. His perspectives on America, “a good life,” and some personal reflections about his values and ethics really made this a remarkable experience for Jason!

Being “Liberal” is Nothing to be Ashamed Of!

Bernie supporters

The word “liberal” is either misunderstood, abused, or detested by the majority of America’s populace. However, in politics and in education, as well as values and ethics, “liberal” is the bedrock and the hope of Western civilization. Indeed, today’s show features two guests chock full of wisdom who are strongly pushing for liberalism and progress in how the West educates children and develops public policy. A case will be made that philosophical is preferred to authoritarian, and that progressive is superior to dogmatic.

Corporate Social Responsibility


What is corporate social responsibility? It’s an intriguing question, with myriad nuances, guidelines, principles, outcomes, and benefits. Jason was pleased to hear from the noted British expert on doing the right thing, and incorporating values in business, Mallen Baker. Mallen is very experienced in matters of corporate social responsibility and is able to offer many words of wisdom, having lead the Business in the Community charity, and subsequently his own Daisywheel Interactive agency, while writing for Ethical Corporation.

Corporations as Persons – An Oxymoron?

corporate logos

Corporations were originally a commonsensical way to pool money and reduce risk for business ventures. It can take credit for quite a few industrial, trade, and capitalistic advancements. However, this Frankenstein has come to dominate the planet. Something is very, very wrong. The United States may be the worst example of this devolution. The nature of the modern corporation “as a person” is dubious, alarming, and harmful. How it came to be and the nature of the transmutation is fascinating, if not disturbing. To investigate this intriguing phenomenon and to discuss values and ethics in this Frankenstein of an institution, Jason and guest Jenni Prisk (of the organization Voices of Women), speak with Richard Grossman, the Co-director of the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy (POCLAD). He is co-author of Taking Care of Business: Citizenship and the Charter of Incorporation. He offers his wisdom by lecturing widely on issues of corporate power, law, and democracy. It’s a no-holds-barred look at what is wrong with capitalism in America.


Critical Analysis of America Since 9/11

American flag

If you are American, have you felt that things have not improved since America took one on the jaw on September 11, 2001? We found out then how woefully unprepared our government was, and how the reality of the world was now on our doorstep. Since then, chicanery, corruption, and cronyism have handicapped and prevented the inevitable repairs to our way of life and our national decisions that would make us safer and better overall. Since Snowden and Trump, things have reached a frightening state. To explore this, Jason provides his wisdom, and speaks with the controversial and creative Christine Rose about our values and ethics, and includes a dialogue about her film Liberty Bound, one that “entertainingly explores America’s ongoing struggle to keep a comfortable balance between democracy, capitalism, and fascism.”

Doing the Right Thing in the Workplace

Picture of tall building

Strength, Authority, and Power Need to be Tempered by Responsibility | Mallen Baker, of www.mallenbaker.net and BITC, both of which are dedicated to corporate social responsibility, called to discuss values and ethics, ideas about what we can expect from businesses and corporations – and why they ought to be doing the right thing. Jason was then graced by modern-day knight and offerer of much wisdom, Scott Farrell – author, speaker, and founder of Chivalry Today. Together these gentlemen shared with the listener many ideas and perspectives on how business leaders and workers can and should do the right thing in the workplace.

Doubt: An Interview with Jennifer Michael Hecht

I first came across this very interesting and accomplished young woman when I was given the book Doubt: A History. It is a thick – dare I say, authoritative non-fiction work about famous people throughout history who have doubted tradition, dogma, religion, values and ethics. Inspirational quotes, like “Doubt is the bedrock of philosophy”, translates to “love of wisdom.” If you love wisdom, you’d better be willing to doubt. And if you want to explore the idea of doubt – theoretically as well as practically – tune in. The example of a president who is averse to doubt was one of the interesting elements.