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Get a Life!


You’ve heard the barb, Get a Life! Though usually meant as a conversation-stopper, Jason has dedicated a show to the discussion of what kind of life is worth getting, and how you get one using values and ethics. He found two guests who are willing to discuss this intriguing and elusive idea – how to get a life that will fulfill you and do no harm to others. Copthorne MacDonald is an expert on wisdom and literally wrote a book entitled Getting a Life: Strategies for Joyful and Effective Living. If our time on the planet is short and potentially nasty and brutish, how can we make our existence as personally agreeable and socially beneficial as possible? Let’s discuss!

Global Sustainability


Everyday the newspaper has some story — sometimes front page horror tales — of where the planet is headed. We in America are in a unique place because we are so globally-impactful, and at the same time, often put raw financial interests above those of global sustainability. Join Jason as he interviews learned and interesting guests, offering much wisdom, for the purposes of learning about how to bring about a much more promising and positive future, full of values and ethics.



Happiness is perhaps one of America’s foremost goals – probably more so than other countries. And yet we are oriented toward money to a large degree. So does money and busyness and forward progress bring about fulfillment, meaning, and flourishing? What other factors are there? And what is the degree to which it can be improved by conscious action and state of mind (e.g., attitude). Can you be happy without ethics and bereft of morality? Jason welcomes author Andi McDaniel to the show to offer his wisdom and share some research findings, as well as provide some information and opinions about happiness and related values and ethics.

Helen Caldicott Interviewed


This show’s guest is of the most learned and committed activists and advocates of citizen action to remedy the nuclear and environmental crisis. Helen Caldicott, MD began her career as a medical doctor, founding the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at Adelaide Medical School in 1975. After teaching, sharing her wisdom, and practicing at Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston, she began to devote her time to the prevention of nuclear war. This unique interview with this humane and humanistic woman on values and ethics should not be missed!

How Can We Create a Society That Values the Other?

St. Francis

Regardless of rank, everyone should be treated with equal dignity. Distinguished guest Robert Fuller, PhD, a physicist and author of Somebodies & Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank will no doubt impress listeners with his courage, modesty, and intellect. He was joined by John Konstanturos, Founder of Konstanturos and Associates. Both gentlemen are very well-spoken and real pursuers of wisdom. It’s a great show.

How We Ought to Live, and Why

Greek structure

Socrates, the father of philosophical inquiry and astute student of values and ethics, said: “We are discussing no small matter, but how we ought to live.” This “Socratic Dialogue” forms the basis of hours upon hours of inquiry and self-discovery, and such a spiritual robustness is perhaps what the society needs more than “moral values” beat into our heads by pontificating, pathetic posers. Tune in to this rare secular discussion of values with an ancient twist.

Humane Education

If you could change one negative trend about the modern world, what would it be? To remove religious sectarian violence and hatred? To relieve the world’s addiction to fossil fuels? To take money out of politics in America? To instill more values and ethics in our culture? One thing you would want to consider that has a huge potential to act as a change agent for the problems we face is of course, education. But not just 2+2=4 – I’m talking about humane education. Never heard of the idea? Well that’s what this show is for! Tune in as Jason dialogues with two guests, offering many words of wisdom, who are on the vanguard of the humane education movement, which is about solutions to such problems.

Ideas and Principles of Jesus and Socrates


This show boasts two remarkable guests full of wisdom who have striking similarities and differences — with/from each other, as well as with/from Jason. They are very hardworking, passionate, and well-intentioned people full of values and ethics. Questions about the values, principles, and life of Jesus of Nazareth and Socrates of Athens mark this fundamental show. Whether you are a follower of religion or proponent of philosophy, you’re going to want to hear this.

Improving the Character and Ethics of Children, Part 1

nice girl

We’ve all seen examples on television, on the street corner, and in our neighborhoods of kids who are somehow off-track, lacking in the values and ethics department. Obviously that has a lot to do with family, religion, our political situation, and the wisdom of our culture at-large. But could our schools actually be doing a better job *teaching* children how to be good people? Why don’t our schools do that now? How does that mix with the increasing emphasis on testing and standards? Tune in to hear Bernice Lerner, PhD, of the Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character at Boston University talk with Jason about this interesting topic.

Improving the Character and Ethics of Children, Part 2

helpful girl

This is the second show dedicated to the wisdom behind “character education,” how it applies to our values and ethics, essentially the opportunity of schools, parents, and the culture at large to inculcate in children good character, moral substance, and good intentions. If we can avoid a smothering, sectarian approach as we attempt to raise our children to be helpful, virtuous, and loving, the idea of educating beyond Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic may be part of the key to turning around our culture – which educated liberals and conservatives agree we need to do if we want to survive and pursue our greatest national aspirations.