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Liberty and its Threats

Liberty is one of humankind’s most fundamental and sought-after values, in the list of values and ethics. People fight and die for it. What does the word really mean? What level of liberty is appropriate for citizens to rightfully enjoy? How does libertarianism compare to liberalism and conservatism? Why has our liberty here in America been reduced in the past years? Two very interesting guests, full of wisdom join Jason to discuss: the director of the Free State Project, and Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Living a Life of Integrity and Meaning


Author, psychotherapist, and talk show host Kathleen Brooks, PhD will be in studio to dialogue and offer her wisdom with Jason and share herself with the listener. She will be joined by Gary Kessler, PhD, a former professor of philosophy and religious studies as well as author of Voices of Wisdom: A Multicultural Philosophy Reader. The perspectives these two very different thinkers bring to the table about values and ethics should make for a wonderful hour. Tune in to hear them answer challenging questions such as: “What does integrity really mean?” “What is a meaningful life?” “What are some impediments to our living fulfilling and moral lives?” “What can each of us do to feel better and live better?” “What have philosophers had to say about this topic?”

Living with Honor

Scott Farrell, founder of Chivalry Today, will join Jason to discuss living with honor, as well as values and ethics. He has thought about this subject quite a bit, and writes and gives workshops. Topics include: how do you play sports with integrity? How can you deal with people who are more like thieves than knights? Why should each of us try to have a sense of inner-strength that guides us toward the good? Scott is the founder of ChivalryToday.com, a website chock-full of resources for understanding and applying chivalry positively in one’s life. Tune in to hear the wisdom and discussion between two men steeped in Medieval and Renaissance lore.

Making Moral Decisions

A popular and well-regarded philosopher and philosophical counselor, Peter Raabe, PhD, shared his wisdom with the listener and Jason about ethical theories — what they are, how they can help us know right from wrong, and how to use them. We all use ethical theories every time we make a moral decision, but often we don’t know more than our parents, church, and schools taught us about what the right thing to do in a given situation is, what our values and ethics are. Knowing more about ethical theory is an important step – and understanding them is not as hard as you might think!

Modern-Day Mental Health

Are we addicted to our items? Do we rely on drugs and entertainment at an alarming rate? Why are we sicker than when we had less freedom and riches? How do our values and ethics affect us? How many of us really seek the outer reaches of what we’re capable of? Are the science of psychology and the discipline of psychiatry on the right track? Is modern reality really reality TV shows? What does it mean to be healthy? What do psychiatry and personal growth phenomena have to teach us about being well-adjusted, happy, and healthy? What is mental illness, and is it really a maladaptation? To help Jason investigate this topic, today’s guests are Bruce Levine, a psychologist who wrote a book entitled Common-Sense Rebellion: Taking Back Your Life from Drugs, Shrinks, Corporations, and a World Gone Crazy. As well, Brenda LeFrancois calls in to share her wisdom, and inspirational quotes about being well.

Morality in Society

Morality is a personal concern, yet our beliefs and decisions about right and wrong can affect others. For example, the decisions that our friends, family, neighbors, community leaders, and religious leaders make affect us, and vice-a-versa. Also, there are societal issues that government has a role in legislating, judging, and intervening – for our own good. But where is that line drawn between personal responsibility and legislation? Can the government successfully legislate morality? Are they capable of living lives based on values and ethics? Should government spend time and resources managing obscenity, decency, and pornography – or is this Big Brother censoring our personal lives?

Our Constitution and Development


How much of a person’s development is accounted for by genes, and how much by environment? Is there much room for us to improve ourselves as individuals by our will and our decisions? In other words, how can we consciously develop to our potential? How can we live a meaningful life of values and ethics? Studies on twins can help us arrive scientifically at answers. It’s a pleasure to speak with Nancy Segal, Ph.D., a twin and psychologist who studies human nature, evolutionary psychology, and behavior genetics at California State University, Fullerton. She wrote many books on this topic. Richard Trowbridge is a unique individual who has a lot to say on topics such as wisdom, development, and psychology. Don’t miss this one.

Overcoming Adversity

triumphant woman

Have you ever wondered why some people triumph over persecution and adversity, while others fall to the wayside and become eternal victims? Life is about change, values and ethics, about evolving as a person, about moving forward, not standing still. We all have faced challenges and troubles, and know what it is like to succeed and overcome. Some of us are more “stuck” and some of us cope and prevail. This is how meaning and fulfilment are gotten. As the Arabic proverb goes: “God sells knowledge for labor, honor for risk.” Today’s guest will help Jason understand what issues we face as a species and what tried and true mechanisms to flourish are, offering many words of wisdom: Dr. Edith Eger is a Holocaust survivor who became a remarkable psychologist and therapist. This is a rare show you have to hear.

Participatory Economics

homeless man

Is capitalism – or some hybrid of capitalism that allows the top 1% of people in America to own half of the wealth – the best we can do? If not, what kinds of forces and factors account for why we have such a imbalanced system, neglecting our values and ethics? Is taxing the rich more effectively an unfair thing to do, or is it quite just and appropriate? Join Jason as he speaks with a great guest, about this very important and timely issue, who has studied capitalism for decades and has much wisdom to offer.

Partnership and Forgiveness

loving hand

The better side of humanity is about partnership and forgiveness more than it is domination and anger. Contemporary global events bear this out, as do our closest interpersonal relationships. It is not easy, however, to care and love and forgive when selfishness, vindictiveness and competition also come too easy to human beings. Jason is proud to have two renowned guests to investigate the high ideals of partnership and forgiveness – antidotes to many of the world’s problems. He hopes to find the common ground between these values and ethics and learn from the influential researcher with much wisdom to offer, Riane Eisler, PhD and the noted writer Frederic Luskin, PhD.