“Every Coin Has Two Sides”

every coin has two sides


Possible is as present as actual

Emotion is as admirable as erudition

Music is as prestigious as mathematics

Caprice is as comfortable as predictability

Friendship is as fulfilling as solitude

Spontaneity is as rich as planning

Comedy is as profound as philosophy

Enjoying is as valuable as owning

Relaxation is as worthwhile as production

Love is as powerful as profit

Process is as important as completion

Spirituality is as rewarding as earthly matters

Abstraction is as firm as the concrete

Art is as meaningful as construction

Details are as necessary as the whole

Macro is as valid as pedantic

Poetry is as noble as journalism

Intoxication is as real as sobriety

A heart is as great as a mind

Aspirations are as laudable as possessions

Imagination is as important as knowledge1

Relationships are as rich as work

Children are as respectable as adults

Fun is as deep as seriousness

Randomness is as compelling as fate

Communality is as honorable as individuality

Femininity is as worthy as masculinity

Introversion is as natural as extraversion

Hesitance is as true as dogmatism

Nonconformity is as lofty as ordinariness

Uniqueness is as acceptable as commonplace

Sadness is as authentic as joviality

Paradox is as interesting as straightforwardness

Gray is as true as black or white

Modesty is as potent as cocksureness

Restraint is as difficult as action

Vision is as fundamental as contemporary

Mine is as good as yours.


Here is another poem, this one about masculinity: “The Truly Noble Man”


“Every Coin Has Two Sides” ©Jason Merchey 2000-2017