blogs about social criticism

blogs about social criticism

Times Are A-Changin’

September 25th, 2022

As Bob Dylan wrote in 1964, the times they are a-changin‘! That might be an understatement when applied to today, in fact. The changes are coming in very rapid succession nowadays, and much of it ain’t good, as Dylan might have put it…
It’s not just a right-of-center phenomenon, since I too think that more progressively-minded people are right to lament ways in which society has changed since Reaganism was first ascendent (these individuals are relatively much more focused on the ways in which society is being prevented from changing by those at the top—more than any kind of moral degradation that has to do with the country failing to uphold its proper Christian values and virtue on the whole).

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Responsibility & Character Will See Us Through

responsibility July 23rd, 2022

This blog is a short screed that maintains that liberty is lacking in certain key areas for certain classes of individuals (abortion rights, the right to read whatever literature one chooses, the right to choose one’s sexual orientation and gender, etc.) but alive and well for many other classes and groups. Further, responsibility is missing in many areas, too. And as the wise man  said, you can’t have rights without responsibilities. It seems pretty inarguable that character, integrity, honor, and excellence are insufficiently appreciated and cultivated by most Americans. In a word, we are not a democratic republic that seems to extol virtue. Whether we did in the past, or if it is in fact mere lore, we certainly need it now!

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What Do Mass Shootings and Wisdom Have in Common?

mass shootings and wisdom May 28th, 2022

What do mass shootings and wisdom have in common?

How did America go from putting astronauts on the moon and boasting millions of middle-class families to banning books and borrowing money endlessly??

How do the wealthy and powerful stay so wealthy and powerful while there is so much pain and privation for 90% of people in society?

America is suffering gravely from an astonishing lack of wisdom!

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Economic Justice Has Gotten Worse Since COVID-19

economic justice March 9th, 2021

Is the American “capitalistic” system fair and functioning well? What makes a society good and economically just? Does America show satisfactory respect for the dignity of its citizens based on the economic system is created? Have things gotten worse since the COVID-19 pandemic? Whether wealth and income inequality are fair and morally justifiable hinges on what one believes about the nature of the socio-economic system in question. The 18th century theorists of great renown, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith both have opinions relevant American-style capitalism, economic justice, and rights/fairness. In the end, I do not believe either would see a justification for the “capitalistic” system America has created.

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Social Problems: Gun Control and Mass Shootings Analyzed

gun control August 12th, 2019

In this blog, I will aim to parse the gun violence issue. I thought to do so because I came across a compelling essay by Nicholas D. Kristof entitled “How to Win the Gun Control Argument.” I then went to go look it up by name in a Web search, and guess what popped up in the #2 slot? An article from the exact opposite perspective entitled “Winning the Gun Control Debate”. That is obviously enough to give one a headache. However, wisdom is the ideal guide to analyze the competing claims, complex issues, and difficult aspects of the gun control/gun violence social problem that currently plagues us. Next to the opioid epidemic, I would say that gun violence is a massive concern for American society – as it is for New Zealand, Norway, and every other country, practically. We live in difficult times, and at their worst, humans are basically clothed chimpanzees with semi-automatic rifles.

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Blogs About Wisdom, Values, Ethics, & Philosophy

blogs about wisdom May 4th, 2018

I’m Jason Merchey, a philosophical thinker, writer, and master’s level psychologist. I founded and shepherd a website called Values of the Wise. My main goal with all my blogs about wisdom and virtues is to assist folks in obtaining the most fulfilling and moral lives possible – what I call a life of value. Below are some highlights from blogs about wisdom, values, philosophy, psychology, economics, and politics I have written in the past 16 months – and I’m proud to report I have just reached 400 posts here on Values of the Wise (which includes about 85 podcasts about values and ethics). Enjoy.

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