Cosmos: Science, Hope, Wisdom & Inspiration

science April 24th, 2020

Famed astrophysicist Carl Sagan’s obituary featured the President of the National Academy of Sciences, Bruce Alberts extolling him thusly: “Carl Sagan, more than any contemporary scientist I can think of, knew what it takes to stir passion within the public when it comes to the wonder and importance of science.” The television program Cosmos (now in its third season) has been a reliable, interesting, educational experience for me and for millions of others; it’s like Sesame Street for this millennium. If you want to learn more about science by that, I mean astrophysics, astronomy, geology, and even the history of science, this is the show for you. Now that the third season is out, I have collected some quotes by those involved with the show, those who are practitioners of applied science, and so on. Especially in a time when every single day folks are hearing public health officials, physicians, and biomedical researchers speak on television (the pandemic), there is both a desire for diversion, and there is an “attunedness” to applied science. If Trump and others are turning out to be the buffoons and the charlatans in this crisis, scientists, doctors, nurses, paramedics, nursing home staff — even meat packers and workers at — are the bright lights in the dark.

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Inspiration Is About Values + Emotion

inspiration can be found in helping March 25th, 2019

Inspiration, motivation, meaning, fulfillment – the stuff we would buy if it were for sale. Even though pharmaceuticals, sporting events, books, massage, sex, make-up, children, and virtual reality video games are indeed for sale, inspiration is not really able to be purchased directly. You have to grow it in the garden of your mind & soul. Mark S. Albion offers some sage advice: “There is a big difference between more sales or money and more happiness or fulfillment. The kind of growth that seems the most important to people is the kind of growth you can’t count.” Read on to find out more about how inspiration can be understood and ideally, found.

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Live Your Values; Bring Them to Life!

live your values January 2nd, 2019

“…bring to Life Those Ideals.” The remarkable thinker, historian and activist Howard Zinn was referring you ought to “live your values” with that quote. It is a kind of integrity, I think, to not only know what you value, but to try to make your values real and manifest them in your life. It’s not always easy, though. “The hours” have a way of sapping energy and reducing focus. Yet Zinn lived into his 80s and was active and influential until near the end. Read on to find some inspirational quotes set in the context of living a life of value.

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My Experience Writing About Values and Wisdom

writing about values and wisdom July 31st, 2018

In this blog, I will explore my feelings and thoughts when it comes to an area of expertise I have developed: writing about values and ethics. I have experienced ups and downs, successes and failures, challenges and triumphs in the last 30 years since high school, and especially in the last 14 since I founded Values of the Wise. Perhaps herein you will find something that encourages you to emulate (or avoid) my process. It wasn’t until about 15 months ago (since I began blogging) that I began thinking of myself as an artist. It’s a good feeling, but a bit of a burden, too.

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Perseverance Quotes: Never Giving Up

perseverance June 20th, 2018

I was looking at this picture I took in downtown Charleston, SC. it’s an amazing crepe myrtle tree. As you can tell, it only had about a square foot in which to plant its base, and to get rain. What did it do over the last, probably, 50 years? It hung in there, kept on keepin’ on, and stuck with it. It persevered. It coped. It was strong and dedicated. We are much like trees; can we withstand the rigors of life? Deal with the hurricanes and pollution and cars that life entails? Check out these perseverance quotes for a little inspiration and insight. 

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Ingenuity Quotes: Inspirational & Insightful

ingenuity quotes January 22nd, 2018

According to, “Ingenuity is the ability to think creatively about a situation or to solve problems in a clever way.” The Latin word for “mind” or “intellect” is a root of ingenuity…Ingenuity is all about imagination.” That is fine, as far as it goes. One of the strengths of Values of the Wise, though, is that a much deeper and broader understanding of a concept as important and sophisticated as this. If you want to really know what a value means, the dictionary definition will be a bit thin. However, ingenuity quotes from a wide variety of individuals, from different cultures, times, and places, is just what you need to really appreciate the phenomenon. A few examples and insights, as well as a multitude of unique quotations about ingenuity, are the goals of this blog.

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Quotations About Mindfulness, Gratitude & Relaxation

quotations about mindfulness November 3rd, 2017

Fulfillment has much to do with how you perceive some aspect of your life, some experience. Attitude is important. Happiness, it has been said, is a state of mind. Gratitude is an optimistic and positive way to look at the world. You are responsible for your own happiness and the state of your life. Optimism is clearly the best outlook if one had to choose. The journey should be treasured and goals should be de-prioritized. Spirituality is as important as the mental, emotional, and physical. The most important things in life cannot be touched, monetized, kept, or produced. Meditation and mindfulness are important ways to live a better and healthier life. God is all around us and can only be known by perceiving not with the eye, but the heart. Wisdom comes from reflection, but sometimes, staring right at a thing shrouds it in obscurity. This is a blog featuring quotations about mindfulness, gratitude, and relaxation.

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Inspiration is Found in Quotations

inspiration July 20th, 2017

Inspiration can be found in quotations by wise persons. Not only in quotes about values, but also proverbs, song lyrics, bits of poetry, and so on. But you don’t want to get sidetracked or duped by self-serving, wanna-be “gurus” whose aim is really to sell a product. Where can you turn that is reputable, but without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself? You’ve come to the right place: Values of the  Values of the Wise is a thirteen-year-old pursuit by philosophical thinker and independent scholar Jason Merchey wherein many great quotations that can provide inspiration, enlightenment, and lifelong learning are brought to the table. It’s like a smorgasbord – it’s pretty much all here, you just have to pick and digest. A superb “quote search engine” is available here, and it can be modified to find quotations by females or males, from different regions of the world, based on keywords, or based on the value that the quote is about. How much does this cost? Free! How many ads do you have to put up with? None. What’s the point? Inspiration, insight, and independence. Read on to learn a bit more about how to determine which quotes about values will not only feel right, but be right. 

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Quotes About Vision Can Inspire and Enlighten

quotes about vision July 11th, 2017

You’ll find goodies like this in the Wisdom Archive, a 25,000-quote search engine dedicated to quotes about vision, quotations on values, and so on: “Everything in the material universe about us, everything ever known, had its origin first in thought. From this it took its form. Every castle, every statue, every painting, every piece of mechanism – everything had its birth, its origin, first in the mind of the one who formed it…” Ralph Waldo Trine. Yes, Trine, not Emerson. Ralph Waldo did have many great quotes about vision, and few are better than this gem: “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” What are some other great quotes about vision, and what is the point of knowing about them? Read on.

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“Values of the Wise”: What Does This Mean?

Values of the Wise logo June 22nd, 2017

The goal of Values of the Wise (the company) is to bring to life ancient wisdom and progressive thinking. This is done through books, online tools and resources, quotations, social networking, and the like. But what are “the values of the wise?” What does the phrase actually mean? I am Jason Merchey, the founder and originator of the concept, and I will be happy to explain what I think it means.

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