moral decision making

moral decision making

Acting Morally is About Deliberation & Practice

acting morally April 23rd, 2022

For this piece, I looked back on one of the most significant, horrific, appalling cases of child molestation and cover-up by the Catholic Church. Grand jurors in Pennsylvania found that over seven decades 300 priests molested over 1,000 children. This is just beyond the pale. This is not a blog about the ineptitude or depravity of the Church of Rome, though. It is about making moral decisions, dealing with moral dilemmas, and acting morally when one faces a choice in the moral realm. In a word, What is the right thing to do?

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Examples of “Might Makes Right” & Other Moral Theories

April 9th, 2022

It took me a while to watch the movie Sicario, and I was impressed. It’s suspenseful and such, but it also highlights ways that the characters (and people in general) make decisions about right and wrong, moral conduct, and ethical behavior: what are called moral theories. They are also known as ethical theories. In this blog, I look at various moral theories vis-a-vis characters in movies and literature, as well as politics, religion, and so on. The goal is to shed a little light on how we make moral decisions and what folks do when faced with ethical dilemmas and other challenges to their moral values.

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Humanity’s Dark Side: Obedience to Authority

obedience to authority March 9th, 2019

There is a strain of experiments buoyed by theory that is in the category of social psychology – the branch of the study of human behavior that locates a human being in their social context. That is, people may have some individuality, some trait-like tendencies to think, feel, perceive, and act in a more or less typical way (i.e., based on their personality type). Social psychologists study how human beings function in relation to their environment. This essentially radical environmental approach doesn’t mimic the approach of Pavlov, Watson, and Skinner – dyed-in-the-wool environmentalists – because the attempt is not to change behavior, but to analyze and predict it. Read on for a brief summary, some elucidating quotations, and one of the most shocking experiments ever to come out of a major university.

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What is Wisdom? A Diverse Group of Skills

what is wisdom? September 1st, 2018

Second in a series called What is Wisdom?, this blog seeks to provide some more definition to the concept. Wisdom is one of those skills/values that is difficult to understand and to define. In the first segment of this series, I approached the question what is wisdom? by noting it is an ability to correctly predict outcomes. This second segment takes a cue from the noted philosopher Robert Nozick’s book The Examined Life; specifically, his twenty-third chapter entitled “What is Wisdom? Why Do Philosophers Love It So?”

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Ethics Quotes: Inspiration for Action!

ethics quotes January 19th, 2018

Thousands of quotations about morality, ethics, & good conduct can be found here on Values of the Wise, where ancient wisdom and progressive thinking are brought to life. There is a huge grouping of ethics quotes and quotations about values under the rubric of “Honor, Integrity, & Morality”. How do you make moral decisions? Need inspiration and enlightenment about right and wrong? Look no further, for moral decision making and character are able to be learned, implemented, and improved upon!

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Moral Decision-Making: What Are You Prepared to Do?

moral decision-making December 28th, 2017

In this blog, I would like to share a story that I think illustrates moral decision-making, self-confidence, willingness to risk, justice, sacrifice, and honor. When I was about 20, I faced a moral dilemma that was difficult, and not without costs. It stands today stands as one of the things I’m proud of about myself, though. In fact, anytime one prioritizes the principle of right, the choice to act morally, and the willingness to risk on behalf of the right and the good, one is really living well. It’s the stuff parables from Jesus or difficult dialogue with Socrates are about. It makes us the best we can be if we ask ourselves what are we prepared to do? and answer with courage and determination.

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Making Moral Decisions: Ethical Theories

woman making moral decisions May 13th, 2017

What is moral philosophy? How does one go about making moral decisions? How do you handle ethical dilemmas? What can philosophy do to help us live better? Morality (and its parent, moral philosophy) is one of the most interesting and least-known subjects. I read an informative and worthy textbook, Analyzing Moral Issues, a while back, and its fruits are as sweet today as ever. In this blog, I wanted to answer the above questions, and to summarize ethical theories (a.k.a. moral theories). What’s in it for you? The more you know about moral philosophy and theory, the better able you will be to think critically, deal with moral dilemmas, and live a life that would be considered “good.” This is really what making moral decisions is all about. Consider this a primer on deciding what is right and wrong.

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Making Moral Decisions

April 8th, 2017

A popular and well-regarded philosopher and philosophical counselor, Peter Raabe, PhD, shared his wisdom with the listener and Jason about ethical theories — what they are, how they can help us know right from wrong, and how to use them. We all use ethical theories every time we make a moral decision, but often we

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How We Ought to Live, and Why

April 5th, 2017

Socrates, the father of philosophical inquiry and astute student of values and ethics, said: “We are discussing no small matter, but how we ought to live.” This “Socratic Dialogue” forms the basis of hours upon hours of inquiry and self-discovery, and such a spiritual robustness is perhaps what the society needs more than “moral values”

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A Discussion of Values and Ethics in General

January 22nd, 2017

You may have heard Jenni Prisk, founder of Voices of Women ( interview Jason in a couple prior shows. This show is more of a dialogue, with the topic being values and ethics in general. There are some bite-sized chunks of wisdom and information that you can easily take with you, in the form of

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