Bernie Sanders Reflects on Trump’s 1st Year

Bernie Sanders January 29th, 2018

Such a huge conglomeration of lies, deceptions, broken promises, subterfuge, and chicanery has resulted from one year of a Donald Trump presidency (I can’t say I am surprised), that there is plenty of grist for the mill if someone wishes to criticize the man. It’s just been abysmal. A panoply of ostentatious dissembling, propaganda, and class warfare. Conservatives bemoan the power and size of government, and when George W. Bush was in office and now this guy, I see what they’re talking about! For us political progressives, this is a gruesome spectacle to witness, but all hope is not lost. The following is what Bernie Sanders has say to those of us who are worried, dispirited, appalled, or anxious about Donald Trump (the day before the State of the Union Address, 2018). It’s good enough to reprint here:

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Why Politics is Depressing and Dispiriting

why politics is depressing December 24th, 2017

Politics is depressing to me in a big way nowadays. The highest I felt in recent memory was probably when Bernie Sanders was doing well against Hillary Clinton, and I suppose this year-end, watching Meet the Press today, made me feel very dispirited. It’s all so painful to watch, and I would imagine, to participate in. What are the ten most prominent reasons why politics is depressing as hell nowadays? Read on to see what I think.

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Values: Access Your Potential, Find Success

values September 14th, 2017

There are certain values you hold which can make your life better, more fulfilling, more meaningful, more helpful. Starting right now you can be greater.

Yes, greater is not a superb word. I could have also written “more x” or “more y.” In the spirit of this post, I won’t belabor this point. Whatever it is that is possible, you have within you the potential to be more like that later today than you are right now. That is an incredible kind of potential. If I were a religious man, I would use the word awesome to describe that possibility and the feeling associated with the insight.

In this blog, I want to share some unpleasant things about myself, and then console myself. Hint: my values are the key.

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“To Have a Home”

June 17th, 2017

This is a poem about love forlorn, home, and intimacy. It is somber and melancholy. It ends with the following lines:

Someday I might find a woman with whom I click, 
But the chances, and the waiting, are making me sick.

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Inspirational Quotes Inspire Positive Actions

humans are made better by inspirational quotes April 29th, 2017

Canada geese are all over my neighborhood. They are social, and I think they mate in pairs such that the mate stays about and helps. Here is a story that is touching; you see, a goose laid eggs in a Whole Foods parking lot (the dirt), and workers cordoned off a little area for it. It just sits there on its eggs while cars and shoppers pass by! What does this mean – why is it about morality, kindness, love, compassion, or goodness? What does this have to do with inspirational quotes – the subject of this blog?

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Quotations on Optimism and Hope

quotes on optimism February 27th, 2017

Optimism is a way of viewing the world that is positive, hopeful, and open. There are many quotations on optimism that are inspirational and enlightening. Hope is a somewhat less-assertive and features less personal agency, if you will. For example, an optimistic person will be positively expectant about future events, the world in general, and the self; they basically see the “glass as half-full.” Hope is similar but somewhat more passive; for example, hope that one lives when battling a terminal illness, or hope that there is a God who looks down favorably upon oneself. These nuances are differentiated by the typical phrases we hear: “I’m optimistic I will finish the marathon because I have trained a lot and I feel good” vs. “I hope the plane that went down was not the one John was on!” In nonverbal terms, optimism is cracking one’s knuckles, and hope is putting one’s hands together to pray. This blog presents a bit of background and many interesting quotes about the subject.

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