quotations about wisdom

quotations about wisdom

Wisdom: Complex, But Invaluable

wisdom August 4th, 2019

This is an awesomely complex world. It seemed challenging and at times, overwhelming, to our distant ancestors who were trying to live life as bipedal social animals on the terra firma of the African savannah two million years ago. I don’t think life has gotten any easier or simpler since those stressful days. There have been many philosophies, belief systems, religious frameworks since, as humans have tried to understand what life is about, how to relate to each other, and what it all means. What is the one arrow humans have in their collective quiver that can possibly cut through all the noise and the clutter? Wisdom.

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Knowledge, Education & Wisdom in Colonial America

knowledge July 12th, 2019

Philosopher/psychologist and distinguished man of letters, Daniel N. Robinson, says much about knowledge, wisdom, and education in the citizenry and the founders at the time of the Declaration of Indpendence and the crafting of the U.S. Constitution. It is very enlightening, and he takes pains to connect the state of affairs then with our horrible political, social, and educational predicament that is so clearly exemplified by corporations, Donald Trump as President, and social media bickering today. It’s not a pretty picture, but one worth taking a long, hard look at. I then follow up his incisive commentary on the Founders with quotes about knowledge, wisdom, and education in modern America. Recall that education is not just about keeping the economy rolling: “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty,” wrote the main architect of the Constitution, James Madison. And this is very important; as modern progressive author, Thom Hartmann puts it, “We need to begin paying attention to the wisdom of the Founders and Framers [of the United States] if our country is to survive.”

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Quotations on Values Inspire Personal Growth

woman on beach thinking about quotations on values February 25th, 2019

Some people don’t get much joy or fulfillment from reading quotes. I don’t really understand those individuals. Quotations on values, virtues, and phenomena such as strength, love, creativity, honor, passion, humor and fulfillment seem so, well, valuable to me. I think life would be sorely lacking in flavor if we lived in a black and white world of monotonous labor, the quest for survival, and being caught up in the consumerist desire to keep up and own more. I have smiled many times in my day, and felt temporarily lifted and a part of things when I read something someone wrote that reminds me of thoughts and feelings I have within, that moves me, that enlightens me. Such is the wisdom of reading quotations on values.

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Truth: Detecting and Defending It

finding truth can be elusive February 1st, 2019

“We may not always know what is true, but we can develop some proficiency at detecting what is false” ~ Michael Parenti – a wonderful quote about truth. This is such an intriguing quote, I was amazed to find it virtually buried on page 37 of Professor Parenti’s 2007 book – a compilation of essays. It is, pound for pound, a great look at the value of truth. He also wrote: “Our readiness to accept something as true, or reject it as false, rests less on its argument and evidence and more on how it aligns with the preconceived notions embedded in the dominant culture, and assumptions we have internalized due to repeated exposure.” So, what is true? How can we know it? How to defend it? Read on.

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Wisdom: We Need a Revolution!

June 2nd, 2017

This engaging interview was with Copthorne Macdonald, author and creator of the very successful Wisdom Page, and Nicholas Maxwell, author, thought leader and professor who wrote the book (literally): From Knowledge to Wisdom. Both Cop and Nick were also featured in the book Living a Life of Value, and especially now that Cop has passed away, the values and wisdom he promulgated while alive is all the more valuable. The careful listener will find much insight, inspiration, and plenty of wisdom quotes.

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Quotations About Wisdom: Inspiration & Insight

beautiful flower reminds me of quotations about wisdom May 15th, 2017

Values of the Wise is a brilliant source for quotations about wisdom. The 25,000-quote database (free!) has many examples of words of wisdom from the greatest minds, and from all areas of the globe, and by diverse persons. If you want to learn more about values and wisdom, here are some inspiring examples of quotations about wisdom:

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Critical Thinking is a Virtue: a Case Study

critical thinking April 27th, 2017

Science is very important. Most people have a fair amount of respect for science and scientists, though America is a fairly religious country. To find wisdom, one must look beneath the surface and go beyond rumor, Reddit and Twitter, and biases. How trustworthy is science in modern America? Are scientists and their findings trustworthy, or like most things, has money ruined science, too? Enter critical thinking!

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Information, Ideas, and Politics

April 8th, 2017

This show’s influential guests have decades of experience and wisdom that can be helpful to the understanding of how the control and usage of information impacts the political landscape. Issues and ideas such as “values and ethics” are more successfully manipulated by conservatives than by progressives. Not only does this fact have an ethical component,

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How Can We Create a Society That Values the Other?

St. Francis April 5th, 2017

Regardless of rank, everyone should be treated with equal dignity. Distinguished guest Robert Fuller, PhD, a physicist and author of Somebodies & Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank will no doubt impress listeners with his courage, modesty, and intellect. He was joined by John Konstanturos, Founder of Konstanturos and Associates. Both gentlemen are very well-spoken

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Helen Caldicott Interviewed

April 5th, 2017

This show’s guest is of the most learned and committed activists and advocates of citizen action to remedy the nuclear and environmental crisis. Helen Caldicott, MD began her career as a medical doctor, founding the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at Adelaide Medical School in 1975. After teaching, sharing her wisdom, and practicing at Harvard Medical School

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