wealth inequality

wealth inequality

Income Inequality: Right or Wrong?

income inequality May 1st, 2018

Thomas Piketty, a French economist, made a big splash in 2014 with his book Capital in the 21st Century. It piqued my interest in regard to social justice. Specifically, social mobility, status quo, and economic freedom. I believe that America has a serious issue with wealth inequality, and income inequality, and has for quite some time. We are now less of a socially-mobile society than many countries in Europe are. Cross that with some of the standard of living/life satisfaction measures in which Europe and a few other countries do well, and you have a fairly grim assessment of the United States. Here are some thoughts on income inequality by Thomas Piketty.

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Robert Reich: Lion of the Left

Robert Reich October 13th, 2017

Robert Reich, Ph.D. is an economist, Rhodes Scholar, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, and professor of political science or economics at UC Berkeley. He has a good heart, and has been a tireless advocate for fiscal sanity, political fairness, economic justice, and political progressivism for almost 40 years. A small man (like 4’10” or so) he is diminutive. He was beaten up quite a bit as a child. He, however, has the heart of a lion. He used to be a centrist, and in the Ford Administration. He has seen the goalposts move, as it were, in the last 40 years, and sees the inequality and the insecurity. His goal is a more progressive, humane, fair, just, egalitarian, meritorious system – one that, frankly, used to exist in this country. The following are some of his thoughts on economics, politics, social justice, the middle class, the rich, and the like. 

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Greed: Wall Street’s Financial Fraud

greed October 11th, 2017

This blog is about skepticism toward America’s financial services sector: Wall Street, big banks, hedge funds, etc., as well as the lobbyists, politicians, and professors who collude and conspire with the industry’s many bad actors. I’m talking about capitalism and power run amok. Greed. I just watched Inside Job,  by remarkable filmmaker Charles Ferguson. America has such a complex financial and political landscape, I want to criticize, but it is hard to know where to begin. I will crack my knuckles and give you what I’ve got.

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Labor Issues and Class Concerns

April 8th, 2017

America’s short history has shown remarkable growth, a distinct form of capitalism, and an unprecedented accumulation of wealth. However, as powerful and flush as America is, there are deep class divisions based on wealth and the ownership of business, and workers tend not to benefit as greatly from growth as the owners of the capital

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Income and Wealth Inequality

April 7th, 2017

To borrow a phrase from Dickens, America might be called “a tale of two cities,” and more now than ever. The time we are living in is reminiscent of the time of robber barons, tycoons, bought politicians, and virtual indentured servitude of the Gilded Age back in the 1920s. Nowadays, the rich are getting richer

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Progress and Social Justice in Society

suffering woman needs progress now! February 28th, 2017

Is more progress possible in modern society, and if so, how do we get from here to there? What can “the wise” teach us about our values that will bring about greater peace, justice, prosperity, equality, and happiness? What role will progressive/grass-roots politics play, versus conservative/reactionary/top-down politics? How does this all relate to economics and social policy? Let’s discuss.

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A Progressive Perspective on American Economics

January 22nd, 2017

Unless you are quite wealthy, you probably feel an economic pinch: a job that is not keeping pace, a fair amount of debt, and insecurity about Social Security. The economic priorities of the Bush Administration and Congress are fairly plain to see. The road to fiscal propriety and a more progressive America are not rocket

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