“The Future is Now”

Jason Merchey poetry


A brave new world is upon us.

The future, once sparkling, is now.

The pace frightening, insecure…

If we will thrive, I can see not how.


The information age is surging ever-forward.

Synthesized interaction, digitally-enhanced,

Virtual reality, simulated ecstasy, imagination.

As though we’re collectively in a trance.


Big Brother is watching, so watch your back.

Solitude, once penetrating, just a memory.

Privacy, previously assured, long-waned.

Recalling the “uncivilized” past, just reverie.


A fantasy, surreal and moldable,

Time is suspended,

Where reality has no meaning.

Space is transcended.


Personas such as Miller and Picard,

Orwell and Peart, caution us to avoid,

To abstain, to reject and wake up.

Beware the seductive technological void.


What’s the point, is it worth living

Without timeless beauties, human sin?

Bereft of classic comforts and pain,

Tragedy, music, art, aloneness, and friends?


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“The Future is Now” © Jason Merchey 2000-2017