• Will a deep appreciation of wisdom lead to more happiness, flourishing, and success in life?

    Why is America increasingly plagued by tribalism, elitism, materialism, and ME-ism?

    What do philosophy, psychology, and personal growth have to say about wisdom?

    Are the Bible and other religious texts legitimate and useful sources of human wisdom?

    Though powerful and beautiful, philosophy has typically discouraged many readers who find it difficult, abstract, and boring.

    Moreover, modern psychology and age-old personal growth principles are given a bad name by many social media personalities who oversimplify them in an effort to make money.

    • Of all the books about wisdom, how can this one help me? Is this book authentic, reliable and useful? Is the author reputable?

    Readers desire an honest, uncompromising, diverse, broad, insightful book to assist them in their investigation of wisdom… Harnessing the power of wisdom is not a “plug and play” thing, but wisdom as a skill or character trait is critical for happiness, success & meaning in life.

    Wisdom is not necessarily a religiously-based or boring concept! Many wonderful and insightful examples of how to live a good and fulfilling life—marked by wisdom—have been set by non-religious individuals throughout history such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Paine, Aristotle, Kurt Vonnegut, Abraham Lincoln, Gene Roddenberry, Thomas Edison, and Noam Chomsky.

    In this unique book, helpful research findings, hundreds of relevant and useful quotations, and the author’s personal reflections about wisdom are carefully combined. It synthesizes psychology, philosophy, and personal growth. Living “a good life”—a fulfilling and meaningful one—is the overall goal.

    Greater wisdom leads to improved personal growth, happiness, and success. In fact, the word philosophy is Greek for “the love of wisdom.”

    Wisdom is a comprehensive, transparent exploration of ancient and intriguing concepts combined with critical thinking, compassion, and other aspects of wisdom. Brimming with examples of psychological principles, careful analysis, and insightful quotes from many cultures and civilizations, it provides a basis for authentic intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral growth.

    In addition to personal benefits, this is one of the best wisdom books to shed light on some of America’s significant social problems. The great philosopher Socrates himself knew that ancient Athens, Greece was in serious trouble. If we were all wiser and we had more enlightened and humane priorities, many of the problems that mark communities and nations would give way to more love, fellowship, and prosperity.

    Clearly America and many other countries are dealing with a breathtaking lack of wise behavior, damaged institutions, and social fragmentation! Jason Merchey is a keen social and political observer and offers many unique insights and much incisive commentary.

    This deep and eclectic book about wisdom is full of ideas and insights that will assist you to:
    • Discover and prioritize wisdom in your personal life and relationships
    • Achieve greater fulfillment, happiness and self-confidence
    • Bring about true success based on self-knowledge and values
    • Make a positive difference in your community—and the world as a whole

“The Values of the Wise Series is a treasury of ideas, thoughts, & feelings that represent the best of humane ideals. I hope it will be widely read because it could be a wonderful influence on the thinking and behavior of us all.”

-Howard Zinn, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of History, Boston University; author of The Twentieth Century, A People’s History of the United States, as well as You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

  • Which values are the “values of the wise”?

    Fulfillment – Meaning – Optimism – Truth – Dedication – Responsibility – Will – Vision – Humor – Knowledge – Wisdom – Education – Strength – Courage – Creativity – Ingenuity – Development – Progressivism – Integration – Justice – Kindness – Magnanimity – Altruism – Lightheartedness – Acceptance of the Absurd – Passion – Willingness to Risk – Self-Awareness

    Top Values Tool
    • What are your top values?
    • Is wisdom your greatest strength?
    • Do you prize truth above all else?
    • Are creativity and ingenuity
      your favorite values?

    This brief inventory shows you which of the 28 values of the wise you most prefer.
    When you know what you value, and why, you live a more passionate and meaningful life.

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    Ethical Decision-Making Guide
    • How do you decide about moral issues?
    • What is your ethical style?
    • Are you into religious ethics or
      more of a rationalist?

    Take the ethical assessment created by Jason Merchey, M.S. and Peter Raabe, Ph.D. to determine which approach to moral decision-making you tend to prefer.
    This is useful information because you will know more about yourself and be able to think more critically when faced with a dilemma or a situation that involves morality. You will know more about what it means, to you, to “do the right thing.”

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    Books About Values, Wisdom and Ethics

    Building a Life of Value

    Building a Life of Value

    More than just a book of quotations, this is a fusion of great thinking — from classical to contemporary; from philosophical to poetic. Highlighted with thought-provoking essays by Jason Merchey, these words of wisdom will help you to “build a life of value” and thus become the architect of your life. More >>

    Living a Life of Value cover

    Living a Life of Value

    A fusion of classical ideas and progressive goals, this anthology features 75 remarkable writings that shine light on what it means to live a life of value. The fascinating contributors to this book herald positive and solid values: the values of the wise. Following each story, you will find a selection of diverse and relevant quotations that encourage thought, reflection, and insight. More >>

    Values & Ethics - From Living Room to Boardroom

    Values & Ethics: From Living Room to Boardroom

    A wonderful, unique and thought-provoking compilation of interviews Jason Merchey did with experts on values and ethics when he was doing a radio show, Values and Ethics: from Living Room to Boardroom, on World Talk Radio, then the world’s largest Internet-based talk radio site. Previously unpublished, these interviews educate, enlighten and elucidate what it means to “live a life of value.” The product of hundreds of hours of work, this award winning gem is available now! More >>

"These books and the website ValuesoftheWise.com reflect Jason Merchey’s extensive and creative use of quotations to study and promote wisdom; in this regard, he is a ‘man on a mission.’” 

– Bruce Lloyd, M.B.A., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Strategic Management at the Center for International Business Studies, London South Bank University; frequent writer and lecturer on the topic of leadership, and the relationship between knowledge and wisdom

  • Podcasts About Values & Ethics

    Archived interviews from Jason Merchey’s radio show, Values and Ethics: from Living Room to Boardroom, on World Talk Radio, then the world’s largest Internet-based talk radio site.

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