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Though powerful and beautiful, philosophy has typically discouraged many readers who find it difficult and abstract to understand. Moreover, modern psychology and age-old personal growth principles are given a bad name by many social media personalities who oversimplify them to make money.

Many insightful examples of how to live a good and fulfilling life—marked by wisdom—have been set by non-religious individuals throughout histories, such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Paine, Aristotle, Kurt Vonnegut, Abraham Lincoln, Gene Roddenberry, Thomas Edison, and Noam Chomsky.

The author collected his reflections about wisdom in the latest book, his helpful research findings, and hundreds of relevant quotations. It synthesizes psychology, philosophy, and personal growth. Living “a good life”—a fulfilling and meaningful one—is the overall goal.

Books About Wisdom, Values, and Virtues

The Values of the Wise Series

You have found yourself when you know your values and actively and passionately apply them in your life. That is likely to make a positive impact on people both near and far. This idea is a ‘life of value.’

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Core values are the fundamental beliefs you have about your life.


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Wisdom is the transparent exploration of ancient and intriguing concepts.


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The moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.

Which values are the “Values of the Wise”?

Fulfillment – Meaning – Optimism – Truth – Dedication – Responsibility – Will – Vision – Humor – Knowledge – Wisdom – Education – Strength – Courage – Creativity – Ingenuity – Development – Progressivism – Integration – Justice – Kindness – Magnanimity – Altruism – Lightheartedness – Acceptance of the Absurd – Passion – Willingness to Risk – Self-Awareness

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