Podcasts About Values & Ethics

Podcasts About Values & Ethics

Archived Radio Interviews

World Talk Radio LogoA wonderful, unique and thought-provoking archive of interviews and quotes about life Jason Merchey did with experts on values and ethics when he was doing a radio show, Values and Ethics: from Living Room to Boardroom, on World Talk Radio, then the world’s largest Internet-based talk radio site. These interviews educate, enlighten and elucidate what it means to “live a life of value.”

A Close-Up of Culture: Past, Present


How much of an impact does culture have on our values and ethics, fulfillment, and relationships? What can the wisdom of ancient cultures teach that is worth learning? What values do we have in the West, and what does that mean? What will the future be like for humanity? Can wisdom and values contribute positively to each of our lives – and our future? Jason brings on two learned and interesting guests to elucidate this topic: Mark Kingwell, Professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto, and the reliable philosopher Gary E. Kessler, author of Voices of Wisdom.

A Discussion of Values and Ethics in General

Jenni Prisk

You may have heard Jenni Prisk, founder of Voices of Women (www.voicesofwomen.org) interview Jason in a couple prior shows. This show is more of a dialogue, with the topic being values and ethics in general. There are some bite-sized chunks of wisdom and information that you can easily take with you, in the form of inspirational quotes and quotes about values, in your daily life and bring out when the situation calls for you to know what you value and believe to be the right decision. As the editor of three quote books and the author three top-shelf books on values and ethics, Jason has a lot to say, so tune in!

A Life of Value

wise old woman

What does the idea “a life of value” mean? What values and ethics do wise people have? What are American values? How can one live a life that is both comfortable, fulfilling, and moral? On hand to answer these questions and more is Earle F. Zeigler, PhD, Emeritus Professor from the University of Western Ontario and author of A Way Out of Ethical Confusion: Untangling the Values Fiasco in North America. In his eighties, this dual citizen of the United States and Canada has been asked back after participating in a show about a month ago to offer more of his extensive wisdom because of his incredible ability to shine light on this fascinating topic. You are sure to find many quotes about values, and inspirational quotes while listening to this one!

A Mother Speaks About Values

moms stomach

Sheila Ellison is passionate about many things; she had her own website, www.completemom.com, a nonprofit organization, and has written nine books. One of them caught my eye – If Women Ruled the World. Though the title can be a bit off-putting to a man, I read it cover to cover and enjoyed the 150 stories she included. Each is a different woman speaking about the values and ethics that would make the world different – better. It features famous women like Delores Huerta, Medea Benjamin, and Barbara Ehrenreich, in addition to unsung heroes who can visualize how the world could be improved if the worst of the men would cede more power. This episode is sure to please, offering much wisdom. She is very easy to listen to, and it is sure to be worth your time.

A Progressive Perspective on American Economics

stock sheet

Unless you are quite wealthy, you probably feel an economic pinch: a job that is not keeping pace, a fair amount of debt, and insecurity about Social Security. The economic priorities of the Bush Administration and Congress are fairly plain to see. The road to fiscal propriety and a more progressive America are not rocket science, either. It comes down to priorities and discipline, values and ethics. Jason welcomes two guests with decades of combined experience and wisdom watching the economy and all the factors that support it. Tune in and find out.

A Progressive Perspective on Social Problems, Justice, and Liberty


Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Matthew Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive Magazine, called from the East coast to field questions such as: “What is going on in the heads of those running the show overseas?” “Why are Americans torturing people?” and “What are the moral issues inherent in today’s political events?” The world seems to be a crazy place now, and America has been making dubious and unscrupulous decisions for decades (centuries?). Should we be “the world’s moral leader?” Tune in to see if you agree with Mr. Ratner’s contention that we should, and have been failing miserably lately.

America Beyond Capitalism: Interview with Gar Alperovitz

Gar Alperovitz

Is capitalism working well for Americas values and ethics? Is globalism moral or immoral? I suppose that depends on whom you ask. Jason is pleased to have interviewed acclaimed author and professor Gar Alperovitz, PhD. Extremely well-qualified and free-thinking, Professor Alperovitz compellingly offers a historical account of economic systems and how ours is tied to politics and wealth. He also does not fail to point out why capitalism is not satisfactory, how many Americans are already beyond it, and what the future will look like. It’s inspiring, informative, and full of wisdom. Listen closely to discover many inspirational quotes offered in this show!

America’s Values Divide

Lady Liberty

What does America value? Is there a “values divide” – red state/ blue state, liberal/ conservative, secular/ religous, elite/ popular? Where are our values and ethics (and the political situation that reflects them) leading us? Do liberals or conservatives represent America better? What has been happening lately with conservatives – the fundamentalism, the war-mongering? Do liberal prioritize political correctness and profligate spending to the exclusion of the values that MLK and FDR so eloquently and forcefully promulgated in past decades? Tune in and hear what Jason’s wisdom and unique guests have to offer on these compelling questions.

An Ethical and Fulfilling Life: Jan Phillips Interviewed


Author, speaker, former nun, artist, and thought leader Jan Phillips sat down with Jason and offered her wisdom for what was the very first show! The discussion ranged far and wide, but the interview was interesting, rich, and detailed. If you want to hear a very unique woman’s points of view on living a fulfilling life of value and ethics, have a listen!

An Exploration of Wisdom


Wisdom is a simple, yet elusive matter. Everyone seems to know something about wisdom, but few deeply understand it and the role it plays in their values and ethics. Do you have to be a Buddhist monk, or a scholar of ancient Greek philosophy, understanding of values quotes to know what wisdom really means? How about the person who is very “in touch with themselves and the universe,” do they have a grasp of wisdom? Or the child who has not yet been shaped or damaged by the world – do you not sometimes think they have an unadulterated understanding of things as they are? Jason’s unique guests are informed, engaging, and notable. One of Jason’s favorite dialogues, this is a winner.