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Education for the Whole Child

Mainstream, public education in America today is failing in at least two regards: children aren’t learning the fundamentals of values and ethics well enough, and “extracurricular activities” such as art are being excised due to budgetary problems or ideological ignorance. Children who go to public schools are in trouble, but for those parents who are involved enough, and wise enough, alternatives exist. However, the wisdom private schools offer can range in quality from parochial to pathetic. Waldorf education is an intriguing approach, and is similar to Montessori schools. To explore this topic of critical importance, Jason speaks with Patric Maynard Galen Osbourne.

Ending Life: Right and Wrong


We have all thought about by the Terry Schiavo case, the woman whose feeding tube was removed in late March. With an issue as monumental as taking one’s life or ending the life of a medically-sustained person, how do you mix strong feelings with reasoned thought to come to know what you think is morally sound? How do you know you are right? These are questions in the realm of biomedical values and ethics. Jason welcomes a distinguished, full of wisdom, scholar in the field and a philosopher who has published in this area to the show to shed some light on this hot topic.

Entrepreneurs: Past and Present

computer programmer

Entrepreneurship is a combination of values and ethics such as creativity, strength, passion, success, wealth, development, power, leadership, prestige, overcoming, etc. History is rife with examples and quotations of entrepreneurs and upstarts who fixed their eye upon a goal and didn’t give up until they succeeded. To shed some light and wisdom on what entrepreneurs, past and present, had that we can learn from, Jason is pleased to welcome the dynamic Evan Carmichael to the show.

Ethical Decision-Making


Is ethical decision-making hard? How often do people do the right thing based on their values? How do we know what the right thing to do is? What kinds of things prevent us from always doing the right thing? How can philosophy help rather than hinder my understanding of what the right action in a situation is? What is an “ethical dilemma?” What do I do in an ethical dilemma? Listen to Jason interview a remarkable guest chock full of wisdom, Martin Cohen Ph.D., author of the books 101 Ethical Dilemmas and 101 Philosophy Problems.

Ethical Underpinning of Human Rights

Martin Luther King

Human rights since time immemorial have been a crucial part of societies. From natural law to modern libertarianism, values such as justice, ethics, respect, and goodness have underpinned all democratic societies worthy of the name. With much of the world having outlawed slavery, yet still mired in imperialism, perpetual war, massive wealth inequality, and the “deep state”/surveillance state, much remains to be done. Is there wisdom, and ethics, in human right? Don’t values that are moral and good guide us when it comes to recognizing human rights at home and abroad? Worthy and outspoken guests offering much wisdom grace this important show.

Ethical Wisdom Applied to Organizations

Business Meeting

The latest show dedicated to applying values and ethics and integrity to business and organizations features Dr. Jack Gilbert, noted consultant and president of New Page Consulting. Jason is interested in discussing issues such as: How do you get everyone in an organization to be on the same page, so to speak, with their ethics and values? What is ethical wisdom? How are businesses doing nowadays? What are some ways business needs to improve, and why should they? What does great leadership and wisdom look like, and does it necessarily lead to success? Spend forty-five minutes exploring this unique topic with host, Jason Merchey.

Exploring “Social Entrepreneurship”

all together

What is “social entrepreneurship?” How can it help to transform the top-heavy and callous corporation? How does the concept of worker-owned business make it possible to bring about a sea-change in our conservative and bourgeois free enterprise system? What difference will changes along these lines make? Can we bring more ethics and values into our corporations? Join Jason as he speaks with the man who “wrote the book” on this topic, John Abrams. Founder of the construction firm, The South Mountain Company – a worker-owned business. The book is entitled The Company We Keep: Reinventing Small Business for People, Community and Place and it’s a ground-breaking and inspiring one full of wisdom.

Finding a Match Between Your Heart and Your Job

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The charismatic, full of wisdom, and learned Founder/Executive Producer/Host of New Dimensions Radio Michael Toms spent his valuable time sharing with the listener and Jason some of his ideas on how to find the right job – and then work enthusiastically and ethically. Michael and his wife Justine wrote an influential work entitled True Work: Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do. David Dibble, author of The New Agreements in the Workplace: Releasing the Human Spirit joined us in the third segment, also discussing finding meaning and fulfillment in your career without sacrificing your values and ethics. With their half-century of experience interviewing luminaries, writing books, conducting workshops, and advocating for meaning and fulfillment in the workplace, Michael and David created a wonderful interview.

Finding Fulfillment and Purpose

A few shows ago Jason explored fulfillment and meaning, values and ethics, and it was really just the tip of the iceberg. He is pleased to welcome Laurent Grenier, author of A Reason for Living, and Eric Kaufman, President of InSight Consulting to offer their wisdom. Laurent was injured in an accident as a teen, and has had to do some deep thinking educated himself on finding meaning and fulfillment in life. Eric has been a Buddhist for years, but is also in the business of facilitating the personal development of CEOs and such. Tune in as these two enterprising and creative gentlemen talk with Jason about how to find fulfillment and pursue purpose in your life.

From Thought to Action: Interview with Ruth Westreich


Sometimes the ideas Jason gets into on this program about values and ethics can be abstract, external, or at times, obtuse. For that and many other reasons, Jason dialogues with Ruth Westreich about her life, her values, her work, the modern world, and how she puts thought into action. She recently co-authored (with Jan Phillips) a book entitled Creativity Unzipped: Why Your Thoughts Matter. Ruth has many elements of her life that provide good “grist for the mill” in thinking about values and how one “lives a life of value.” Tune in and hear this well-accomplished, full of wisdom, well-spoken, and well-meaning woman discuss what’s on her mind.